Chi Siamo

Nsd Factory

NSD factory is a division of Nuovostudiodesign srl, a company that has been operating in the industrial design sector for 15 years.

NSD factory is a laboratory of ideas, creativity, technology and craftsmanship. Our furnishing accessories are conceived, designed and created in our laboratory.

We create very low-volume objects that best express our love for beauty with the typical quality of an artisanal production. For our objects we have chosen Plexiglas as the material for the aesthetic qualities expressed by its transparencies and brilliant colors.


We like to be inspired by refined but at the same time simple shapes, we like the idea of ​​beauty accompanied by the right amount of technical component. The object must make its user feel good, it must give him emotions, sensations, true poetry, it must be the "object" of discussions, a place of contemplation ...

We love colored objects because they convey joy, the user must feel good in their own habitat ... An example is our Ghost bookcase. The transparency of the three plates in contrast with the colored planes is the result of a magical suspension of the books in the air ... In every perspective it appears different thanks to the opaque edges illuminated without reflected light.

How a product is born

All our objects follow a design process, from the idea to the first sketches, from the design to the definition of a mathematical model and finally the creation of a study prototype, which is essential to evaluate its ergonomics, functionality and performance in its real dimension. .

An example is our Terry armchair ... ..

Industrial design

Laser cutting

Milling and turning


Final model

Material and processes

We have chosen methacrylate and laser cutting because they are the best combination, remaining in the world of plastics in which we have trained professionally, in terms of production / cost to make a product. The "simplicity" of laser cutting is undoubtedly the fastest transformation method to create geometries starting from projects that we continue to develop in 3D.


We are evaluating the idea of ​​including the 3D printer in our factory.

We have known 3D printing technologies for almost 10 years, we started with SLS prototyping of the bodywork components of the motorcycles on which we worked and of the products of which we also followed the definition of the style. We have some lighting products made through the 3D printing process in the "drawer", but we are making evaluations to optimize production, given the excessive cost of SLS technology.

The new 3D printers that use FDM technology can certainly be an economic alternative, although there are still major limits related to the aesthetic quality of the printed surfaces. However, we are of the opinion that they represent the future of short-run productions and also open an enormous possibility to makers like us who intend to build all the components of their products by themselves .. Only a few years ago to make small runs, molds had to be built pilots aluminum using the "old" CNC milling machines and then printing with very expensive injection molding machines, a condition that has stifled many projects without seeing the light .. today there are technologies and materials that even allow you to build it in 3D printing directly pilot mold to be put in the press !! We are fascinated by the revolution that these technologies represent and by the possibilities they will give to creatives and designers.

We are negotiating for the purchase of a 3D System product for professional use that also molds nylon, in order to have the ability to build technical elements with high mechanical strength as well as the aesthetic colors of ABS or PLA.